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Global Market overview

ASL INVESTMENT CO, lTD, team offers client-driven trading activities and provides a risk warehouse for the management and repackaging of risk exposures in foreign exchange, interest rates, credit, equities and commodity markets in order to respond to our clients investment and hedging strategies. Read more


Whether you’re new to investing or seeking direction on how to obtain financial assistance ,ASL will  put your financial situation on the right path, we have the tools, insight, and other resources to help you make smart investment decisions
Investing for Growth and seeking the right partners
As your financial needs—and the markets—change, your portfolio should evolve with them. Our investing ideas and tools can help you fine-tune your investments so they have the potential to grow with your needs.

How we see Investments.
We see investment opportunities through a more sophisticated lens than the average investor. Our investment philosophy is built around principles that experience has taught us are the most effective. It's how we work to ensure we can be effective stewards of both entrepreneurs and  investors' capital and build better insights on your behalf.

We also understand the risks of being distracted on daily basis by the wrong kind of people but we also believe  that you can be assured we take the same long-term view. We firmly believe it's the best way to deliver returns for our clients.(Investors and entrepreneurs alike) And, it's how our investment teams are rewarded - for their long-term returns, and not the one-year results that promote short-term thinking. It's our way of ensuring our team's incentives are completely aligned with your interests.

We work with active managers because we believe there are opportunities to improve average market returns. We only offer actively managed portfolios because we believe it's where we can deliver the best value for our clients. We conduct our own research to seek out the best companies and then compare them on a global basis. This is fundamental to understanding what drives these businesses. It's also a reflection of our refusal to just mirror what's in the benchmark We believe you deserve an investment partner that prepares for markets that could go wrong and doesn't simply hope they go right.

We understand that risk cannot be entirely avoided, but that it should be effectively managed. We weave risk management into every stage of our investment process and make it the responsibility of every member of our team. Our goal is to manage systematic risks associated with trying to call markets, sectors or regions. We budget risk to let portfolio returns be driven by security selection - where we believe we can most consistently add value for clients.

Sincerely, we embrace the globalization of today's markets and opportunities. We believe the best way to understand these opportunities is not just to have  entrepreneurs with good business ideas  on the ground  but also work  with them  closely together to achieve the much desired interest . You can trust that we do not only talk about global collaboration. Our teams across the globe collaborate every day, sharing insights and vetting their ideas. It's our way of ensuring we don't just find the best companies and securities in regional markets for development, but the most promising opportunities in the world.

Our Investment.
We undertake short term, Midterm and long term investment policies. It's our way of encouraging young entrepreneurs with good business ideas  but the amount of money invested depends on the structure of their business plan and what it portrays in the eyes of an average investor.